• Standard widths or as illustrated in individual shapes

Bumpergard™ (equivalent to Scapa CoverGard™) developed for the automotive industry

The gray, high quality, breathable cotton cloth with PIB adhesive and UV blocker.

Specially developed for the automotive industry to protect painted and open plastics in the medium term for assembly and transportation. Therefore, also in very popular in the engineering industry.

Highly flexible and deformable, it can be applied to almost any substrate. It also withstands temperatures in the main paint oven and can therefore be used very universally. Resistant up to 200 °C for short periods.

Bumpergard™ 1164 identical to Scapa Covergard™ 3364.
Corresponds to DBL 32/08 as well as 32/58 painted plastics.
Also available on paper liner with higher instant tack, then as Bumpergard™ 11641 (Scapa Covergard™ 3367).

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