Cable tunnel tape
Article number
Adhesive type
Adhesive strength
Product: Cable tunnel tape
Porters: Cotton-/PET-cloth
Strength: 300 µm
Adhesive type: Natural rubber
Adhesiveness: 4.3 N/cm
Temperature range: 90 °C
The cable tunnel tape was specially developed for laying cables and wires in the stage area....
Cable tunnel tape, matt, black
Product: ROADIE-AID™ cloth tape matt
Porters: PE-coated rayon cloth
Strength: 300 µm
Adhesive type: Rubber
Adhesiveness: 2.9 N/cm
Temperature range: 85 °C
Roadie-Aid™ - All-round adhesive tape for exhibition stand construction and event technology. Furthermore for sealing, fastening, bundling, edging,...