EPR semiconductor tape self-welding
Article number
Adhesive type
Adhesive strength
Product: Warning tape Caution voltage
Adhesive type: Rubber
Temperature range:
Warning tape or safety tape for maintenance work on meter cabinets and distribution cabinets Text: Caution voltage -...
Product: Phase identification tape
Porters: Cotton fabric, acrylate coated
Strength: 260 µm
Adhesive type: Rubber thermosetting
Adhesiveness: 4 N/cm
Temperature range: 180 °C
For labelling the phases of electrical cables. The phase labelling tape made of high-quality fabric...
Phase labelling
Product: EPR insulating tape
Porters: EPR (ethylene propylene rubber)
Strength: 750 µm
Adhesive type: Rubber
Temperature range: - 40 to 100 °C
For use in medium voltage up to 69 kV and for insulating and...
Product: EPR semiconductor tape self-welding
Porters: EPR (ethylene propylene rubber)
Strength: 762 µm
Adhesive type: .
Temperature range: 90 °C
For electrostatic shielding and for field control during cable splicing and on cable terminations in high...
Product: PIB tape, self-sealing
Porters: Polyisobutylene
Strength: 500 µm
Adhesive type: without
Temperature range: - 40 to 90 °C
Repair and sealing of pipes, hoses and insulating materials. An all-round sealing tape for workshop, house...
Product: Copper foil adhesive tape
Porters: Copper foil
Strength: 75 µm
Adhesive type: Acrylic LM
Adhesiveness: 5 N/cm
Temperature range: - 40 to 120 °C
Typical applications are: - in the electronics sector, the shielding of electrosmog - in outdoor...
Product: Cable tunnel tape
Porters: Cotton-/PET-cloth
Strength: 300 µm
Adhesive type: Natural rubber
Adhesiveness: 4.3 N/cm
Temperature range: 90 °C
The cable tunnel tape was specially developed for laying cables and wires in the stage area....
Cable tunnel tape, matt, black