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For Tapes & more GmbH, compliance means adherence to legal regulations, internal company guidelines and ethical principles.

We have firmly anchored our values and corporate principles for compliant behaviour in our Code of Conduct. We see the Code of Conduct as a binding guideline and an indispensable part of our everyday business.

Our compliance e-mail and our compliance hotline are available to you for anonymous as well as personal reports. Please note that we require as precise a description of the facts as possible in order to process the information in a qualified manner. It goes without saying that your information will be treated confidentially.

Compliance Hotline: +49-89-452 44 69 - 89
Compliance e-mail:

Code of Conduct

Tapes & more GmbH trades and refines adhesive products, essentially adhesive tapes. Our location is in Putzbrunn near Munich. Here we combine all commercial activities, our laboratory, storage areas and our production. We source our products from world-renowned manufacturers with whom we have enjoyed decades of trusting cooperation.

We look after our customers personally, by telephone and in writing without any restrictions on their size, market or location. We count European car manufacturers and well-known German industrial companies among our clientele just as much as local craft businesses. Every user who uses adhesive tapes professionally and thus requires a corresponding product and service quality is welcome to us as a customer.

Our goal is to offer our customers the best technical, economical and ecological solution. Our modern production facilities help us to manufacture customised products at attractive conditions.

Tapes & more GmbH consists of a team of around 25 employees. Our steady growth in recent years proves that we are on the right track.

It is important to us to record and communicate the principles of Tapes & more GmbH that underlie our success. In accordance with the globally valid DIN ISO 26000 standard, we therefore formulate the following principles:

We, the shareholders, managing directors and employees of Tapes & more GmbH, are aware of our responsibility for our customers, suppliers, employees, authorities and for the environment and deal with this responsibility openly and honestly.

The public image of Tapes & more is determined by the appearance of each individual employee. Therefore, the policy is binding for all employees, and compliance with it is exemplified and controlled by superiors.

In detail, this means both internally and externally:

  • We respect all people regardless of their religion, origin, gender, culture, ethnicity, age, sexual identity, skin colour, regardless of disability. We treat each other with respect and do not tolerate sexual harassment or personal attacks of any kind.
  • We only make promises that we can keep. We conduct ourselves honestly. We comply with the laws in all countries in which we operate. Of course, this also includes export control and customs regulations.
  • We face up to all fair competition. We reject bribery, market and distribution agreements and other similar advantageous measures and practices as a matter of principle. Likewise, no donations are made that can be associated with a business connection.
  • All business information given to us by customers or suppliers is treated confidentially, even without an explicit request for confidentiality. Every supplier, every customer and every employee can demand to see the information concerning him/her. The requirement of confidentiality also applies to all employees with regard to internal information.
  • As a globally purchasing company, we ensure that the core labour standards of the ILO (International Labour Organization) are accepted and complied with when selecting suppliers.
  • All employees make their decisions solely in consideration of business and to the exclusion of personal interests. We only allow sideline activities and participations that do not conflict with the business activities of Tapes & more.
  • We provide our employees with up-to-date work equipment which, subject to appropriate authorisation, may also be used for private purposes as long as their use is in accordance with this policy.
  • We are aware that every business activity, including ours, interacts with the environment. It is our declared goal to keep the environmental impact as low as possible and to use resources sparingly.

Our corporate culture and the guidelines derived from it are important to us. To ensure that they are lived by everyone, the managers have a special responsibility:

  • They communicate the guidelines and values of Tapes & more to their employees, ensure compliance and are available for clarification in cases of doubt.
  • All work instructions, tasks and projects are clearly communicated. The goals for the employees are unambiguous, ambitious and realistic. The managers provide the framework for action within which the employees can move independently and on their own responsibility.
  • Supervisors are the first and immediate contact persons for their employees for all questions. In addition, employees have the right to a personal discussion with the management at any time.

Putzbrunn, 20.12.2018
Tapes & more GmbH

Ralf Budischewski