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PIB tape, self-sealing

Item no: 5437

Repair and seal pipes, hoses and insulation materials. An all-round sealing tape for workshop, home and leisure. Typical use is the repair of telephone cables.

PIB tape with specifications according to BS903 and ASTM D149. The tape can be painted over and is resistant to -40 °C, water, UV rays, plasticisers and ozone.

Self-sealing tape based on (PIB)polyisobutylene on an embossed film liner. Very stretchable, extremely flexible and welds to itself within a very short time.  
Porters: Polyisobutylene
Beam strength: 500 µm
Overall strength: 500 µm
Adhesive type: without
Tear resistance: 10 N/cm
Stretch: 900 %
Temperature: - 40 to 90 °C
Dielectric strength: 42 KV/mm
Liner: PP film embossed, white
Core type: Plastic
Core Ø mm: 38 mm
Specification: Elongation and tensile strength to BS903. Breakdown voltage according to ASTM D149. The tape can be overpainted, is resistant to -40 °C and to water, UV rays, plasticisers and ozone.
UV resistance: very good
Available lengths: 5 and 10 m
Available width: 19, 38 and 50 mm
Available colours: black