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Scapa CoverGard™ 3367 on paper liner

Item no: 11641

Specially developed for the temporary protection of add-on parts such as bumpers, door sills, bonnets and boot lids, dashboards, a wide variety of leathers and various other add-on parts inside and outside.

Highly flexible and malleable, it can be applied to almost all substrates. It also withstands the temperatures in the main paint oven and can therefore be used very universally. Resistant up to 200 °C for short periods.

Bumpergard™ (or CoverGard™) is the protective tape with paper liner.

High quality breathable cotton fabric coated with PIB adhesive and UV blocker on paper liner. Designed for the automotive industry to protect painted and open plastics in the medium term for assembly and transport to the destination port. Bumpergard™, our no: 11641, corresponds to Scapa CoverGard™ 3367 The protective tape for freshly painted (plastic) components on vehicles and machinery. Conforms to specification DBL 32/08 as well as 32/58 for painted...
Porters: Cotton fabric
Overall strength: 250 µm
Adhesive type: PIB
Adhesiveness: 3.5 N/cm
Tear resistance: 85 N/cm
Stretch: 7,5 %
Temperature: - 30 to 90 °C
Liner: Paper
Core type: Cardboard
Specification: Corresponds to DBL 32/08 as well as 32/58 painted plastics. Shelf life: minimum 6 to maximum 12 months after date of delivery. Also available as Bumpergard™ 1164 (=Scapa CoverGard 3364) without paper liner with lower initial adhesion.
Available lengths: 50 m
Available width: 38, 50, 110 mm
Available colours: grey