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Glass fabric adhesive tape - Class F

Item no: 1374

Various applications in the electrical industry, suitable for transformers and coil windings, among others.

Glass fabric adhesive tape especially suitable for transformer applications.

Highly conformable adhesive tape consisting of a glass fabric coated with an ageing-resistant acrylic adhesive. UL listed class F (155 °C) Applications in coil winding and transformers are just one of the wide areas of use.
Porters: Glass fabric
Beam strength: 120 µm
Overall strength: 165 µm
Adhesive type: Acrylic WB
Adhesiveness: 4 N/cm
Tear resistance: 300 N/cm
Stretch: 5 %
Temperature: 155 °C
Breakdown voltage: 2.5 KV
Core type: .
Core Ø mm: 76 mm
Specification: The adhesive tape is UL listed (Class F)
Available lengths: 50 m
Available width: 19, 25, 30, 38, 50 mm, special widths on request
Available colours: white