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Cloth Tape - Allround High Tack

Item no: 1572

All-round adhesive tape for sealing, fastening, bundling, edging, designing, labelling, marking, taping and packaging. Due to the very good tearing properties in the longitudinal direction, any width can be "produced" by hand.

The High Tack fabric tape with extremely high initial tack

All-round fabric tape made of polyester fabric with a smooth polyethylene surface, coated with a natural rubber adhesive. Very flexible and excellent for tearing in and out by hand, both lengthwise and crosswise. Extremely high initial tack characterises this high tack tape. It is also available individually packed.
Porters: PE-coated PET cloth
Overall strength: 240 µm
Mesh count: 50
Adhesive type: Rubber
Adhesiveness: 5.9 N/cm
Tear resistance: 39 N/cm
Stretch: 15 %
Temperature: 80 °C
Water/vapour impermeable: Yes
Core type: Cardboard
Core Ø mm: 76 mm
Specification: The rolls are individually shrink-wrapped in film, the core remains open and is available either neutral or with customer logo. Also available individually packed in bags.
Available lengths: 50 m
Available width: 50 mm (more on request)
Available colours: black, white and silver