Safety Tape

Item no: 2298

This anti-slip adhesive tape is used on difficult surfaces and ensures a high level of safety against slipping.

Safety Tape Alu is the anti-slip version for the most difficult surfaces.

Black anti-slip adhesive tape with high adhesive strength. The highly conformable aluminium foil also allows bonding on rough surfaces and is coated with a very strong, solvent-based acrylic adhesive.
Porters: Aluminium foil
Overall strength: 1100 µm
Adhesive type: Acrylic LM
Adhesiveness: 5.8 N/cm
Tear resistance: 50 N/cm
Stretch: 12 %
Temperature: - 5 ° to 50 °C
Core type: Cardboard
Core Ø mm: 76 mm
Available lengths: 18 m
Available width: 50 mm
Available colours: black