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Kapton™ - Adhesive Tape

Item no: 2675

Various application possibilities in the high temperature range. Typical application as masking tape for wave soldering to protect copper from unwanted wetting by solder. Can also be removed from copper without leaving any residue.

Tape with a Kapton™ film for up to 260 °C

Adaptable Kapton™ film coated with a high-performance silicone adhesive for the highest temperature requirements. Can be removed from many substrates without leaving residues despite its high adhesive strength.
Porters: Polyimide film (Kapton)
Beam strength: 25 µm
Overall strength: 60 µm
Adhesive type: Silicone / Polysiloxane
Adhesiveness: 2.3 N/cm
Tear resistance: 45 N/cm
Stretch: 35 %
Temperature: - 40 to 260 °C
Breakdown voltage: 6.5 KV
Core type: .
Specification: UL approved tape class H (180 °C). Short-term loadable up to 300 °C.
Available lengths: 33 m
Available width: 19 mm (others on request)
Available colours: amber