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Soft PVC corrosion protection bandage

Item no: 27750

Suitable for various corrosion protection applications such as the sheathing of lampposts in the ground, or as a flat sealant, and much more.

Soft PVC anti-corrosion adhesive tape with excellent electrical properties

The extremely strong, lead-free soft PVC film coated with a bacteria- and mould-resistant rubber adhesive makes this corrosion protection tape very resistant to chemicals and wear.
Porters: Soft PVC film
Overall strength: 250 µm
Adhesive type: Rubber
Adhesiveness: 2.2 N/cm
Tear resistance: 44 N/cm
Stretch: 200 %
Dielectric strength: 23.6 KV/mm
Core type: Cardboard
Core Ø mm: 38 mm
Specification: Also available in double thickness (500 µm) on request.
Available lengths: 30,4 m
Available width: 25 and 50 mm (others on request)
Available colours: black