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Rice paper tape

Item no: 3557

Ideally suited for high-quality painted and untreated plastic and metal surfaces as well as for many types of leather. It can be used as transport and assembly protection, but also as masking tape for high-quality paint jobs.

Environmentally friendly rice paper adhesive tape, also for outdoor use.

Particularly thin, impregnated special paper. Thanks to the special acrylic adhesive, this Nichiban adhesive tape can be removed without leaving any residue even after weeks. It is UV-resistant and can therefore also be used outdoors. Rice paper tape from Nichiban
Porters: Rice paper impregnated
Overall strength: 90 µm
Adhesive type: Acrylic LM
Adhesiveness: 1 N/cm
Tear resistance: 32 N/cm
Stretch: 6 %
Temperature: 120 °C
Core type: Cardboard
Core Ø mm: 76 mm
Specification: 12 weeks UV resistant
UV resistance: 12 weeks UV resistant
Available lengths: 50 or 100 m
Available width: 12, 19, 25, 30, 38 and 50 mm
Available colours: gold-coloured