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Transfer ribbon outside wound

Item no: 5115

Ideal for simple splicing applications, label fixing and handicrafts of all kinds, such as pictures in photo albums, paper or cardboard folding and craft work.

An externally wound acrylic adhesive on silicone liner

Orange peel

Pure acrylic adhesive on silicone paper, outside wound, especially for ATG dispensers. For better processing, invisible hair-thin PET threads are inserted in the adhesive, which ensure good release of the adhesive from the paper liner.
Porters: strapless
Overall strength: 40 µm
Adhesive type: Acrylic LM
Adhesiveness: 3.6 N/cm
Temperature: - 10 to 100 °C
Liner: Paper, brown, 90 g
Core type: ATG
Core Ø mm: 25 mm
Available lengths: 33 m
Available width: 12 and 19 mm
Available colours: transparent