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PE foam adhesive tape, 4 mm

Item no: 7555

Universally applicable for sealing and insulating indoors, good adhesion to a variety of different surfaces such as wood, plastics and metals.

PE foam, 4 mm thick with an acylate adhesive

Closed-cell polyethylene foam, coated on one side with a water-based acrylate adhesive covered with a film liner. Best temperature and ageing resistance with chemical neutrality and low water absorption.
Porters: PE foam, 30 kg/m³
Beam strength: 4000 µm
Overall strength: 4000 µm
Adhesive type: Acrylic LM
Temperature: - 30 to 80 °C
Liner: PE film, white
Core type: .
Available lengths: 20 m
Available width: 8 mm (others on request)
Available colours: white and black