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Article number
Adhesive type
Adhesive strength
Product: LDPE adhesive tape - roof extension
Porters: LDPE film green with thread scrim
Strength: 280 my
Adhesive type: Acrylic LM
Adhesiveness: 14 N/cm
Temperature range: - 40 to 100 °C
Ideal for bonding vapour barriers, films and overlaps. Due to the high flexibility...
Product: Rayon fabric tape - PREMIUM
Porters: PE-coated rayon cloth
Strength: 300 µm
Adhesive type: Rubber
Adhesiveness: 3.2 N/cm
Temperature range: 80 °C
All-round adhesive tape for exhibition stand construction and event technology. Also for sealing, fastening, bundling, edging, designing, labelling,...
Product: PTFE - glass fabric
Porters: Glass fabric on PTFE film
Strength: 115 µm
Adhesive type: Silicone / Polysiloxane
Adhesiveness: 5 N/cm
Temperature range: - 73 to 260 °C
Can be used in all production processes where very high temperatures occur and/or the best sliding properties...