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Cable tunnel tape

Item no: 1925

The cable tunnelling tape was specially designed for laying cables and wires. The adhesive tape is of typical Event floors can be removed without leaving any residue. The tape has a slightly glossy surface.

Cable tunnel tape is free of adhesive in the centre, thus no risk of adhesive transfer

High-quality fabric adhesive tape that has an adhesive-free zone in the centre due to lamination with a film, thus eliminating any adhesive transfer to the fixed cables. Strongly adhesive edges nevertheless hold the tape securely to the floor. A cable tunnel tape that has a standard 80 mm adhesive-free zone in the 150 mm wide tape.
Porters: Cotton-/PET-cloth
Overall strength: 300 µm
Mesh count: 70
Adhesive type: Natural rubber
Adhesiveness: 4.3 N/cm
Tear resistance: 60 N/cm
Stretch: 12 %
Temperature: 90 °C
Core type: Cardboard
Core Ø mm: 76 mm
Available lengths: 15 m and 25 m
Available width: 150/80 mm (other combinations on request)
Available colours: black