Phosphorus ribbon

Item no: 2293

The phosphor tape is used for the production of warning markings, decorations and route markings. Typical application is the marking of steps or edges in areas where light sources go out unexpectedly (e.g. timers in staircases).

Phosphor ribbon to still be seen in the dark

Adhesive tape with good adhesion and a cover. It is highly luminescent even after a short exposure to light. It glows brightest in the first few minutes and remains visible in the dark for up to several hours. Phosphor tape for labelling and marking
Porters: Hard PVC film
Beam strength: 160 µm
Overall strength: 360 µm
Adhesive type: Acrylic LM
Adhesiveness: 7.9 N/cm
Temperature: 80 °C
Core type: Cardboard
Core Ø mm: 76 mm
Available lengths: 10 m
Available width: 25 and 50 mm
Available colours: phosphor