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Professional - flat crepe 100 °C

Item no: 3267

Professional flat crepe can do more than typical painting applications. It is ideally suited for oven drying in the automotive sector (at 100 °C permanently and up to 120 °C for short periods).

Professional flat crepe that can withstand up to 120 °C for short periods and is resistant to wet sanding

Smooth and solvent-resistant flat crepe tape with high initial tack and shear strength. It leaves particularly clean and straight coloured edges on all smooth surfaces. Can withstand short-term exposure up to 120 °C and is resistant to wet sanding
Porters: Paper, lightly creped
Overall strength: 140 µm
Adhesive type: Rubber highly crosslinked
Adhesiveness: 2.0 N/cm
Tear resistance: 40 N/cm
Stretch: 8 %
Temperature: 120 °C
Core type: .
Available lengths: 50 m
Available width: 19, 30 and 50 mm (special widths on request)
Available colours: brown